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Unit 3. A healthy life

What’s a healthy person? A truly healthy person should be body and ______. mind healthy in both _____
A healthy life should

include ________ physical and ______ mental health.

Physically unhealthy

stress/ pressure

mentally unhealthy

What health issues do you think concern young people the most?
Cigarette smoking Physical fitness

Drinking alcohol
Drug abuse Stress

mental diseases
Diet Obesity ……

Can you tell the harmful effects of smoking?

black The leaves of lung(肺叶)turn _______;
yellow The teeth & fingers become ______.

It is a waste of money _______.

Smoking may cause air pollution ___________.

cause fire The ends of cigarettes may _________.

Smoking affects the health of the nonsmokers.

Tobacco kills more than heroin and cocaine together.

Advice from Grandad

1. What’s the main idea of the first part? A. The grandfather lives a healthy life because of his quitting smoking. B. The three ways of becoming addicted to smoking. C. The harmful effects of smoking. D. A letter explaining how a smoker becomes addicted to cigarettes and the bad effects of smoking as well as why he should give it up.

a. Granddad talks about James’ 3. Match the topic problem of smoking. sentence of each paragraph of the first part. Para. 2 b. The harmful effects of smoking. Para. 3 c. Granddad tells about the life he is living and the importance of a healthy life. Para. 4 d. Granddad’s hope for James and his advice on stopping smoking. Para. 5 e. The three different ways of becoming addicted. Para. 1

Paragraph 1
What picture does the writer try to describe ?

An 81-year-old man having a 20-km bike ride.
What idea does the writer try to convey?

A long and active life is due to the healthy life one lives.

Paragraph 2
?Why do you think the writer mentions his own experience of smoking? To make his advice more convincing

3 ways to become
WAYS 1 physically DETAILS …be accustomed to having nicotine… …over and over again…automatically …feel happier, more relaxed …

2 habitually 3 mentally

harmful ______of effects smoking. the _______


1.Physical effects
heart and lungs ① do terrible damage to________________ becoming pregnant ② have difficulty in ___________________
yellow ③ the ends of the fingers turn_______

2.Effects on others
terrible smell _______ non-smokers affect the health of the_____________

3.Effects on sporting performance sport be unable to enjoy_______

Do terrible damage to your heart and lungs

black The leaves of lung turn_____

The babies may have a smaller weight or even be abnormal in some way.

The ends of your fingers become yellow.



How to stop smoking? (para5)
How can I stop smoking? Prepare yourself. Be determined. Break the habit. Relax. Get help if you need. Keep trying.

Where there is a will, there is surely a way.

In what way did the old man try to persuade his grandson to give up smoking?
A. Using scientific theory B. His failure in love C. His sports activity

D. His own experience

What can we know from the passage? A. Quitting smoking is very easy.

B. James managed to give up smoking finally.
C. It is difficult to give up smoking, and it needs great determination. D. James’ granddad lives a healthy and active life because he didn’t become addicted to cigarettes during adolescence.

The phrase “withdrawal symptoms” in para3 probably means _______. (3 points) A.分离症状 B.撤退现象 C.断瘾症状 D.戒毒反应

A. He is fit and healthy √ B. He leads an active life √ C. He is caring and loves his grandson √

What kind of person do you think Jame’s grandfather is?

D. He is strict with his grandson E. He reads the Internet and is √ knowledgeable F. He also smokes and becomes addicted to cigarettes.

James’ grandfather wrote to help James __________smoking. James’ grandfather quit once became addicted to cigarettes in three ways. His body was ___________to accustomed having nicotine. He began to do it mentally automatically and became ___________ (mental) addicted. But he finally managed when realizing the harmful to stop effects __________of it.

He also told James that smoking did damage lungs and it was to heart and ______________ more difficult for smoking couples to become pregnant . So he gave James some advice and encouraged him not to be If disappointed _____________ (disappoint). he kept trying, he would succeed eventually.


First wealth is health.

—— Emerson 爱默生 健康是人生第一财富。 He who has health has hope, and he who has hope has everything.

1. Try to find some other useful ways to help smokers quit smoking on the Internet. 2. Read the passage again and find out the important words and structures.

Language Points
? P1 1 by the end of 是“到......末”的意思,后边跟不同的时间会有不 同的含义和用法。 A 跟将来的时间,就用一般将来时,如 By the end of next month,I will finish reading this book.(到下个月末, 我将读完这本书)。


B 跟现在的时间,就用现在完成时,如 By the end of this week ,I have written two books .(到这个星期末, 我已经写了两本书了)

? C 跟过去的时间,用过去完成时 By the end of last month ,I had planted thousands of trees.(到上个月 末,我已经种了数千棵树了)

2 at the end of 后边可以跟时间和地点名词, 表示“在......末" 如at the end of this month 在这个月末, at the end of last month ,at the end of next month , at the end of the road 在路的尽头 等

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

due to, because of与owing to的区别 三者均可表示“由于”、“因为”,按照传统语法:due to 主要引导表语, 而 because of, owing to 两者都主要引导状语。如: His illness is due to bad food. 他生病是由于吃了不好的食物。 The accident was due to careless driving. 这次车祸起因于驾驶疏忽。 He can’t come because of the bad weather. 他不能来是因为天气不好。 Owing to the rain, the match was cancelled. 比赛因雨被取消了。 但是在现代英语中,due to 也可用来引导状语,而 owing to 也可以用来引导 表语。如: 由于交通拥挤他迟到了。 正:He was late due to [owing to, because of] the very heavy traffic. 正:Due to [Owing to, Because of] the very heavy traffic, he was late. because of 通常只用来引导状语,若引导表语,主语通常应为代词。如: It is all because of what you said. 那完全是因为你的话。

? This brings me to the real reason for my letter. ? This brings me to the real reason why I wrote the letter.


Your mother tells me that you have started smoking and that you are finding it difficult to give up. find/ think / consider / make / feel it adj to do

? ? ? ?

我们发现很难按时到那里. We find it difficult to arrive there on time. 我认为到英国去旅行没必要带汉英字典. I don’t think it necessary to bring a ChineseEnglish dictionary when traveling to Britain. ? 手势使得听众更容易理解他的演讲. ? Gesture makes it easy for audience to understand his speech.

? I know how easy it is to begin smoking and how tough it is to stop. ? How adj it is to do sth ? 直到你失去健康的时候,你才知道保持健康 有多么重要. ? You won’t know how important it is to keep healthy until you lose health.

? You can become physically addicted to nicotine. ? be / become addicted to +n(迷恋,上瘾) ? 许多学生对电脑游戏上瘾. ? Many students are addicted to computer games. ? 他是一个酗酒的人. ? He is a man addicted to alcohol. ? addict oneself to sth 沉溺于, 醉心于 ? He addicted himself to playing the violin and didn’t find a thief walk into his house. ? addict: 上了瘾的人 film addict电影迷

? This means that after a while your body becomes accustomed to having nicotine in it. ? 我习惯了这么早起床进行晨练。 ? I'm accustomed to getting up so early to do morning exercise. ? 习惯了登险峻的山,他毫不费力地登上了山顶. Accustomed to ? _________________climbing the steep mountain, he had no difficulty reaching the top. ?look forward to / get down to / devote to ? pay attention to / lead to

The phrase “withdrawal symptoms” in para3 probably means _______. (3 points) A.分离症状 B.撤退现象 C.断瘾症状 D.戒毒反应

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